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6 Channel audio edit help

I have a wav file (ac3) that was saved form a movie in Vdubmod, it is a 1 stream 6 channel Tag 0x2000 ATSC/A-52 (Dolby AC3) file. the file contains the original english audio with an added french dub. it is not dual streamed. I suspect that i can remove the french dub if i can breakdown the channels, but i dont know which program will work for editing individual channels. I have tried the following with no success. Maven3d, audacity, foobar200, wavelab 4, cool edit 2.1

Any suggestions? i have both the save wav and the demuxed ac3 version files.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

6 Channel audio edit help

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U can decode with BeSweet/BeHappy to 6 separate mono WAVs. Or decode to a 6ch WAV and then strip it into 6 separate mono channels (mono WAVs) with Wavewizard, also applying a WAV_EXT to WAV PCM header conversion (for compatibility purposes).

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6 Channel audio edit help

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Use last (from nero and after) Nero WaveEditor, which have ability to load direct any 6ch AC3, AAC, WAV, OGG, and it have gui like Cooledit, but have 6 seperate channles instead two or one.

6 Channel audio edit help

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I will give these suggestions a shot, Thanks!

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