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Burning a normal CD-R that plays AC-3 tracks

Happened upon this web site and found it quite interesting.  This bloke has found a way of writing normal AC3 soundtracks onto ordinary CD-R's using ordinary CD-R software, and having them play the AC3 tracks.

This could be a viable alternative (if you can find an AC3 encoder) for those who do not own a DVD player capable of playing MP3 streams.



Burning a normal CD-R that plays AC-3 tracks

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How much audio are they saying you can fit on a cd at 256kbps and 44.1kHz?  About 6 to 1?  Not bad for Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, not that cds would be making use of it though....  They say that these discs will even play on some Reb Book Standard CD Players.
WARNING:  Changing of advanced parameters might degrade sound quality.  Modify them only if you are expirienced in audio compression!

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