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24/96 lossless material?

Does anyone know of a source where I could download a high-quality demonstration track recorded at 24/96? Music, not test tones. WAV or lossless please.

(edit: yes, I found a few very short samples in the archives. About two of them were musically interesting and well recorded but too short even to get comfortable in your chair!)

24/96 lossless material?

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Yes, those are the very short samples I referred to.

Any full length tracks, or samples of at least a few minutes?

24/96 lossless material?

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I had a look at all those sites, and didn't see a single 24/96 demo available for download. Did I miss something?

24/96 lossless material?

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One source of freely-distributable 24/96 audio is at

These are live performances by "taper-friendly" bands - i.e. bands that allow open taping and trading of their shows.  This allows for some quite high-end recording equipment to be used - but the quality of the recordings can be very hit or miss.

A search for "flac24" or "96khz" on the above site should  you something to choose from.


24/96 lossless material?

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If you're that interested, it's much easier and quicker to buy a DVD recorded at 24/96. DVD-A discs won't allow copying (so are not useful for doing scientific tests on the material), but there are/were several DVD-V discs with 24/96 stereo on them which can be ripped or copied from the digital output of a DVD player.

Some were marketed as DADs - Digital Audio Discs.

See here:

In the drop down menu select "Classic D.A.D." then click "View Selections"

Chesky did some too, and this disc is worth having (one of the short samples floating around the net came from this disc):

(there are several other 24/96 DVD-V discs on the same website).

Hope this helps.


P.S. If you're asking for places to download more than 30 seconds of copyrighted music, that's against the HA TOS. And, to be bluntly honest, if you're looking for free, legal, good quality, copyright free, interesting, worthwhile, enjoyable, well recorded music at lossless 24/96 to download, you'll be looking a long time - it's hard enough to find at CD quality!


24/96 lossless material?

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Following on from David's advice, it is possible for a "DVD-Audio" release to contain uncompressed 24/96 LPCM audio in the video zone - thereby making it available to rip with a normal DVD-Video ripper (assuming it can handle 24/96 audio).

But the only DVD-A release I've read about which does that is Queen's "Night at the Opera" - it contains 6 channel 24/96 MLP compressed audio in the Audio zone, and Stereo 24/96 uncompressed LPCM in the video zone.


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