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Digital copy of DVD-A Tracks


I finally made a Digital copy of a DVD-Audio. I wanted this because my lovely DVD-A is very often in use, and i dont want to loose it because of scratches...

I have a Terratec Aureon 7.1 Space converted via firmware flash to a Audiotrak ProDigy 7.1 Sound Card  with a function called "DirectWire" in the driver, the card is able to work with/output 192khz and 24bit.

This is how i made a copy:

1. I've played the DVD-A with WinDVD6 in DVD-A mode and with the option "96/24bit decoding" enabled

2. In the DirectWire panel ive connected the first six "WDM-Out" to the first six "ASIO-In"

3. I recorded the channels with a program that supports multichannel and ASIO.

The input in the recording program was 48khz 24bit, the same as the DVD-A track.
(The first time i have set the recording samplerate to 96khz, and the music sounded like chipmunks  )

Now i have a 6channel WAV at 48/24bit on my HDD (converted to FLAC without problems)

The signal has never be converted to analog i think, because the recording with ASIO has recognized the sample rate of the source.
The ProDigy7.1 does not resample like all the Creative based cards.

Is this way of copy a bit-perfect copy of the DVD-A ?

Digital copy of DVD-A Tracks

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Sorry to disappoint but no, this is not a perfect digital copy.  I have the Prodigy 7.1 and spent many days with it doing the exact thing.  There is a program that was pointed out to me that looks at the raw binary and When I looked at the output from the Prodigy it produced a file that padded the file with extra zeros meaning that although the output was correct, there was information missing from the original. 

The problem is that WindDVD  will only output 48/16 at best unless you have the Creative Audigy.  It must have some routine that checks the hardware and looks for the Audigy.  The Streaming from WinDVD then "downgrades" to 48/16.

If someone were smart enough to hack WinDVD, I believe that using cards like the 7.1 would allow perfect internal digital output.

Digital copy of DVD-A Tracks

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At first.. thanks for your reply!

I found your old thread here an i checked the files myself with a hexeditor and i also found the  xx xx 00 xx xx 00 patterns.

I also found some good info about the limitation of high resolution output with windvd and the audigy 2 ZS on this site.

the Creative card is the only card that supports copy protection fully, so it is the only one with which WinDVD 6 can perform full resolution playback of copy-protected discs.

Hope there will be a bug/inofficial patch/hack in the future to bypass this


Digital copy of DVD-A Tracks

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Hello everyone,

A parade to extract a signal 24/192Khz in 2.0 or of the 24/96Khz on 6 channels. 
September 20, 2003, Enzo challenged itself on the rip of a DVD audio. 
I know a method that permits to restore without altering the passing strip in return for finance exists is 695 Euros ttc with the Swiss TVA to achieve such an operation. 
It rests on the interception of the numeric signal by a numeric extension under the shape of a card with S/PDIFF exit to 6 channels.   
This system consists in intercepting the numeric signal coming out of the unit of treatment of the motherboard and active toward converter D/A.   
The parameters sent to the converters are read thus in order to determine the frequency of sampling used. Then the signal is reproduced on the numeric exits.   
Its installation supposes the soldering of 20 to 30 cables (according to the drive) therefore a financial investment importing. 
If someone knows another method, software this time I am interested. 
Excuse me for the translation

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