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Hello everyone,

The DTS HD (henceforth DTS +++) has been kept as optional format for the DVD high definition (HD DVD and/or Blu-Ray disc) 
Can one to consider that its becomes one day the algorithm of compression audio multichannels of the HD because of its performances.


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What 'performance' would that be?

I haven't seen any evidence that DTS++ or Dolby Digital++ are even competitive to HE-AAC.

They are only used because they are backwards compatible.


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Hello Garf, 

I think that it is not necessary to compare what is not comparable. 
It is many to underline. 
Can be also that you say truly, but to what level? 
Did you think to achieved a HE - AAC 7.1 extension? 
There I would be tempted to try it to see.

you will excuse me for my English.

To soon.


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I don't understand a thing of what you're saying.


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Hello Garf,

in short..
I am sorry, I am not an expert in translation.   
What would you think of the HE-AAC 7.1 extension?


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I already said that in my first post:

"It's great and easily outperforms the other codecs you mentioned."



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I appreciate your work a lot, and I intend on your knowledge to bring this codec as far that you will be able to.

Bye Garf 

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