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WMA 8 @192kBps: Question

Hey all. . .  :crystal:

I've been ghosting these boards for about a month now and I realize that asking a WMA 8 question will probably put me on the wrong side of the tracks with most people here  , but I have a question about WMA 8 @ 192k:

ยป it's a Microsoft product, but I haven't run across much technical analysis with the higher end WMA bit-rates.

Any help would be great. Thanks for your time and thoughts.
...:: Kas ::...

WMA 8 @192kBps: Question

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I have been known to defend WMA when it comes to low bitrates for existing portable mp3/wma players, but for high bit rates - Lame at 320Kbps on most music should give indistinguishable results to an original CD (all things being equal). I also think the majority of people could detect a 196Kbps WMA file as being WMA...

Not scientific, I know.

WMA 8 @192kBps: Question

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wma 8?  LOL

seriously though... I'd choose -alt-preset standard over wma at it's highest bitrate anyday.  It was made for lowbitrates and lowbitrates only.  And even at 64kbps, I'd rather go with OGG which I think KILLS wma.

wma 8 is worthless now.

wma 9 on the other hand sounds promising...  can't wait to try that sucka out.  hope it doesn't suck.

WMA 8 @192kBps: Question

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...:: Kas ::...

WMA 8 @192kBps: Question

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I'd use LAME simply because it is more stable and certain than WMA8. LAME --aps has been specially tuned to handle some normally difficult samples. And let's face it, MP3 is completely ubiquitous; not so for WMA.

WMA 8 @192kBps: Question

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Cool. Thanks for all the replies.

Does anyone know of a WMA forum where I might get some answers to my technical questions (where frequencies cut off)?

...:: Kas ::...

WMA 8 @192kBps: Question

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Originally posted by SNYder
wma 9 on the other hand sounds promising...  can't wait to try that sucka out.  hope it doesn't suck.

I tried WMA9 on one of the test samples ff123 provided.  Thear I think it was.  Anyway, it sounded a good deal worse than whatever version was used in the test (both via WMP and Winamp)... heh.  I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you.

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