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Topic: LAME 3.96 FINAL vs. 3.90.3 Test (Read 129352 times) previous topic - next topic
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LAME 3.96 FINAL vs. 3.90.3 Test

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Lame 3.96 -p. extreme (216k) vs. wav (sample 2)
ABX 8/8 (the same distortion as in my previous test, but now I'm realizing, that the main distortion is probably present in lower freqs than 19 kHz)


Lame 3.90.3  -p. extreme (236k) vs. wav
ABX 8/8 needed some concentration

Can you ABX 3.96 from 3.90.3 at the extreme preset?  If so, it could be quite interesting because it would be a specific sample where 3.96 degrades performance over 3.90.3.
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LAME 3.96 FINAL vs. 3.90.3 Test

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Edit: Sorry, this post was a mistake... was doing some tests with the different versions, got them mixed up, and thought I found something profound...


LAME 3.96 FINAL vs. 3.90.3 Test

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THX to Gabriel, magic75 and 2Bdecided for some factual answers.

I have many ideas, but for now I'd like to focus on the important
byproduct of my testing i.e. Sample 2.

It is processed before encoding, so I consider it fair to ABX even though it is a "bad scenario" case.
I've already posted ABX tests, that only support my impression, that there is irritating distortion in high freqs (guessing somewhere between 14-19kHz) in Lame 3.96, Lame 3.93 and Lame 3.90.3. (everything -preset extreme)
I made the ABX 3.96 -pe (236kbps) vs. 3.90.3 -pe (216kbps) for phong and for topic (but to me 3.93 sounds the same as 3.90.3). It is 8/8 with some concentration (relatively easy). 3.90.3 (and 3.93) sounds better to me only because the distortion is not so continuous as in 3.96.

The main deficiency will be probably in the VBR (old) code, because this sample is transparent with -p. insane and even "-b 256" sounds better then -p. extreme, but is ABXable with concentration (7/8). The perceived difference in
"256k cbr" is not in the distortion but in the absence of some of the HF, so it sounds better then the VBR.
My guess: It seems that the VBR code is misguided by the presence of HF and certainly reluctant to allocate more bits, when the 320k bitrate limit is far from reach.

LAME 3.96 FINAL vs. 3.90.3 Test

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"256k cbr" is not in the distortion but in the absence of some of the HF, so it sounds better then the VBR.

By curiosity, could you try "--preset extreme -Y"

LAME 3.96 FINAL vs. 3.90.3 Test

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Greetings Gabriel!
I tried the "--preset extreme -Y" but It doesn't seem to change anything listen-wise vs. plain -pe.

Lame 3.96 -pe -Y vs. wav 8/8 ...the same old distortion

Lame 3.96 -pe -Y vs. -pe 5/8 i.e. sounds the same

I tried a lot of switches, but no one improved the quality within the restraints of the old-vbr. BTW I found out, that the "--substep n" is no more recognized despite its presence in "--longhelp".
Moreover, the "-X n" switch behaves strangely, anything else then the default "-X 3" sounds the same - worse.

Lame 3.96 -pe vs. -pe -X 1 7/8

Hope this will help with the curiosity

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