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dts to ac3 and audio video sync

hey guys

i have the old Eagles hell freezes over dvd in dts only

unfortunately my amp can only decode dolby digital ac3. i was wondering if there was a technique or program that would allow me to change dts to ac and merge back with video file.

i have already tried a transcoder, cant remember name, that allowed me to extract 6 mono sound tracks which i could put back together. But when i did this the audio and the video were very far out of sync. i calibrated the audio using a delay on the audio but it seemed as if the audio was faster than the video.

So to cut a long story short could someone please explain the easiest way to convert this dvd to make a ac3 version of it please




dts to ac3 and audio video sync

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Transcode the dts to 6 mono WAVs with BeSweet (u`ll need Intervideo`s filter) and reencode with Vegas AC3 Encoder or Soft Encode.
U can also doit thru GraphEdit.
U`ll need: (loads the dts)
              ac3filter (decodes the dts) or (also decodes)
     (dumps into wav container)
              file writer (it`s already in windows installation, don`t need to get it form           

DTS/AC3Source (I.e. eagles.dts) --> AC3Filter (select 5.1 channels, 16 bits, Master Gain +5dB, DRC disabled, Auto Gain Control disabled, Auto Matrix enabled, Normalize Matrix disabled, Bass redir disabled) --> WavDest --> File Writer (I.e. "eagles_decoded.wav").
That will give u a 6-ch WAV file that u can split into 6 mono WAVs with WaveWizard to load them into Soft Encode or Vegas AC3 Encoder or Premiere`s AC3 Encoder.
U CAN use BeSweet to just encode the 6-ch WAV into AC3 but it`s not recommended since the AC3 encoder for BeSweet is not very good.
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