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Automatically rename files (e.g. foobar2000 or another)

I need a little help. Is there a music player such as foobar2000 that is able to rename the files as I edit metadata on the fly? Let me explain.

iTunes has this option that when you turn it on, all metadata you edit is automatically reflected on files so everything fits this directory:

Music\Artist\Album\01 Song title.m4a

That is very helpful to keep your library organize without too much work. But here's the thing, I don't wanna use ALAC anymore. I've read there's no way to identify if they're corrupted compared to FLAC. I now wanna use FLAC but the one thing holding me back is this. I don't wanna spend my life editing metadata and the file names. I want an app that would act the same way iTunes does. Is there anyway to automatically do that?

I really wanna go FLAC all the way, it seems like FLAC is a better codec than ALAC. I use streaming on my iPhone but I still want to keep my local files because I have a pair of good headphones and want to keep enjoying lossless music on my computer.

Re: Automatically rename files (e.g. foobar2000 or another)

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I am using the directory tree to navigate, so I rename (too) often. You can bind a shortcut key to renaming.

Also there is no way I would be using Artist\Album\tracknumber title - I want it sorted by (album) artist and then chronologically.
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Re: Automatically rename files (e.g. foobar2000 or another)

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Cuetools is just about your only other option.
Only works with digital CD archives though.

Re: Automatically rename files (e.g. foobar2000 or another)

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Have a look at Bliss

Also there is no way I would be using Artist\Album\tracknumber title

That happened to me long ago using WMP11.
By default it uses this as a naming template at rip time.
As a consequence, all your samplers get scattered.
I don't care much about the file system but keeping your tracks together is an asset.

I know FLAC has this checksum and I do think it a nice feature but in practice I hardly use it.
Data rot can happen, most of the time because we are editing and our PC's don't have ECC memory.
Years a go I run the test and found 2 tracks corrupted.

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