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Component to resize album art

Hi there.

Would anyone know if there is any component capable of resizing the album art inserted in the tags of the audio files?

Some devices I use only accept 500x500 px resolution...

Thanks in advance.

Re: Component to resize album art

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Hi! This is one thing I'm also looking for, would be nice if there was a component that, not only, resizes but also converted PNG to JPG.


Re: Component to resize album art

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Not a component but mp3tag can do it: right click on the cover > Adjust cover

Re: Component to resize album art

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Yes. TagScanner does that too.

However, I mean an internal feature for foobar2000, without relying on third party software. Something like a component with the ability to run through a simple custom icon.

In very large libraries, the savings would be thousands of clicks.

Re: Component to resize album art

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Since I've already made a component that can scan and report the dimensions of embedded covers already, I guess it would be fairly easy to make a new component resize that art. I'll think about it.

However, it's nonsensical to think other programs would require "thousands of clicks". I'm sure they handle large batches of items with ease.

Re: Component to resize album art

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I use your component, it is very very very useful, thanks a lot for that!!!

"Thousands of clicks": I run TagScanner through a custom icon that I inserted in foobar2000. On the one hand, it gives me full control of the file organization without having to open and close other software, since TS works very well in parallel with FB. On the other hand, every time I need to resize the art covers, there is a sequence of clicks from that icon. In a library as large as the one I'm trying to organize, it would be much more convenient to resolve "automatically" through a component. One click and you're done.

I would not like to use TS to organize my files. foobar2000 is the software that I like to use for this task. Therefore, If I liked to use only TS, this task would be simple, maybe even faster than the existing function in MP3tag. But, as I said, I like to use foobar2000, this is the tool that I feel comfortable with.

Re: Component to resize album art

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Here's a BETA version to try. I would test on copies of files first.

Requires fb2k v1.6 or later, Windows 7 or later.

Use the context menu>Cover Resizer>Resize.
The max size dialog will not let you enter anything less than 200 (px).
You can preserve the original file type or write as JPG or PNG. WEBP is not supported.
Any images already smaller than the specified max size are ignored.

Re: Component to resize album art

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Nice!!! I'm going to check this out!!! :D

EDIT: It works!

First foo_cover_info came and now this... I just have to say that you are making life a lot easier for many users around here, I'm sure of it!

Thank you very much for your involvement and dedication in this topic! For my part, your solution was even better than I expected, with more functions!

However, would there be any way to enable the resizing with just a single click, that is, to fix a predetermined size in the component's settings and when executing it, the resizing will already be applied?

Your solution with the current configuration is very good and useful, it would not be necessary to sacrifice it, I would just like to know if there was any way to just coexist this solution with the one I mentioned above.

Re: Component to resize album art

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The photo size (in KB) is much larger than the original in some tests here.

Re: Component to resize album art

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edit: Beta.3 now uploaded, same link as before.

This time JPG compression settings are left default (whatever that is) and should always be smaller.

Re: Component to resize album art

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Thanks! :D

Re: Component to resize album art

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Regarding settings,, they should always persist from the previous use so assuming you've changed something from the default, it will always be there next time without a Preferences page. Just a simple OK confirmation each time you use it isn't exactly a hardship.

Re: Component to resize album art

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Better than that, impossible. My most sincere thanks, you solved my initial question with honor on the merit! ;)

Re: Component to resize album art

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Beta.4 uploaded:

This reports how many files were successfully updated in the Console.
Also, it has partial WEBP support. It can read and resize WEBP but only write it back as JPG or PNG. It cannot write WEBP.

Re: Component to resize album art

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Does the component no longer have a website?

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