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Asio Soundcard / Channel Mapping for Windows

Hi all,

maybe someone here have an idea how to get this solved.
I have a Multichannel Audio Device here (Dante Audio Card from Four Audio with 128 Channels). The manufacturer provides a driver for Windows 10. After installing this I have an ASIO Sound Device. In Foobar for example I can select the channels (128) below the ASIO section (I think this is a Foobar Specific Config) and than map this to Output.

However I want to use the Audio Card also in other software players. One of it is the squeezelite Player for Windows. I can select the Audio Device there but Only get Channel 1 and 2. No further Option to select the specific channels.

Is there a general way to seperate the channels from the Audio device and use it in Software players. Or...Maybe a different approach...Is there a way to "kind of convert" it to seperate Soundcards e.g. Asio_Card_Channel12_Device, Asio_Card_Channel34_Device etc. etc.

Any ideas are welcome. Thanks for help and support


Re: Asio Soundcard / Channel Mapping for Windows

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I assume the card does not offer a standard WDM driver, so you can only use ASIO applications.

ASIO applications have customized configurations, but my guess is that most assume stereo channels pairs, so even if it might show you all channels, it might show them grouped in stereo.

I don't know of a way to simulate multiple soundcards out of one soundcard (more so if it has to be ASIO), and I don't know how well that could work.
In fact, I don't even know if you could have two ASIO applications using different channels of this soundcard. Most probably it will depend on the specific drivers of this card, but my bet is that it's not what this card is designed for.

Re: Asio Soundcard / Channel Mapping for Windows

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I would expect any soundcard/interface manufacturer selling a 128 channel device to have sufficient support...    That's not a "consumer product". 

Is that 128 channels of playback?   Somehow, I doubt you have 128 speakers and 128 amplifiers...

Multi-track recoding interfaces are common but 128 channels is a lot.   As far as I know that usually requires multiple linked interfaces.   I've never seen an audio interface with 128 analog inputs!!!  (Or one with 128 analog outputs!)

And then you need an audio source.    I've seen Blu-Rays with 7.1 channels and Dolby Atmos is supposed to support more channels but I have no idea if you can find Atmos discs/files or what hardware/software is required to play them.  

Re: Asio Soundcard / Channel Mapping for Windows

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thank you very much for your answers and feedback.
Yes the card is a professional Dante Interface (With Only ASIO support and no WDM). In my case from Four-Audio but this is also sold by other manufactures.

Depending on the Bit-Rate it Provides 128-Channels (96khz) or 64-Channels (up to 192 Khz). For Sure I don't need all of them and I always need Stereo Pairs. It's a very nice possibility for Multi-Room Audio Application as you can easily transfer the Audio in a Network.

I used it with Linux for quite a long time and it worked really well. With alsa and asound configuration you can assign each channel to a specific Audio Device that can be read by Software Players even more than one application using different number of channels in parallel. Very flexible.
My wish was that Windows have a similar mechanism but from your answers I assume that probabily not. I can use Foobar...that is one possibility as it can assign the channels perfectly. See screenshot attached.



Re: Asio Soundcard / Channel Mapping for Windows

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Channel selection is always part of the player instead of Windows. If they do not offer a list, you might be able to specify to start playback from from channel X with however many channels the player outputs. This is so in XMPlay and Otachan's output plugin. Unused channels remain free for other programs.


Re: Asio Soundcard / Channel Mapping for Windows

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Is it the Dante PCIe-R Soundcard from Audinate?

Since the Dante Audio Card is for professional audio and live events, it must have a software mixer.

In the mixer you should be able to se which channels the squeezelite Player actually inputs to the Dante and route it to the desired inputs or outputs.

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