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Topic: How can I fix an incomplete .aac adts file? (Read 3032 times) previous topic - next topic
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How can I fix an incomplete .aac adts file?

I forgot to stop the voice recording, after more than an hour I shut down my Android phone accidently while it was still recording in AAC with adts header.  The resulting file is unplayable, I have already tried Besliced and All Media Fixer to fix it, but my attempts miserably failed.  I also played a bit with Hex Workshop modifying a working .aac file. If I alter it it in the middle it will be still playable, but if I troncate the end it will become unreadable. I guess there is some essential information at the end of the file required to be loaded by the player. There is more than a pattern of ADTS headers at the beginning of each frame, right? 
Does FFMPEG help to fix my file, maybe converting it in an ,mp4 file or do you suggest me any hex editing strategy?


How can I fix an incomplete .aac adts file?

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Federico Ponchio fixed my file. Despite its extension it was actually an mp4 wrapped aac file, not an adts headered file.


How can I fix an incomplete .aac adts file?

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Thank you for sharing the fix 

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