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Title: 5.1 DVD >>ECHO INDIGO DJ >>4 channels out?
Post by: nolik on 2005-06-22 20:39:18
The «PowerDVD» Windows based program player has «Dolby Digital» decoder themselves. So,
I’m wondering whether there is a chance to use "ECHO INDIGO DJ" soundcard with «PowerDVD» program player to get 4 channel sound output? The idea was to down-mix 5.1 into 4 channels output referencing to «INDIGO DJ» eight independent channels system representation.


I’ve tried multi-channel audio with foobar2000 and it works great. I have 4 independent audio channels output, which is nice.


BUT I can’t duplicate it with «PowerDVD» program player at any settings I’ve tried.


What would you recommend?
Title: 5.1 DVD >>ECHO INDIGO DJ >>4 channels out?
Post by: Klyith on 2005-06-23 01:33:07
The first two pics are selection for the windows directsound device, showing the multiple virtual devices that map to the echo indigo. The third pic of power dvd is just a control for how many channels it should mix to. I suggest using power dvd in four channel mode. If that doesn't work, it may be because the echo indigo seems to be a dual stereo rather than a four channel sound card. If power dvd doesn't know how to map the audio it will only output to one stereo jack.
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