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Title: Corona (wma9)
Post by: An7222 on 2002-08-26 14:40:03
How much will WMA9 compression be better than WMA8? Will WMA9 get better than MP3Pro at mailmusic (64kbps or less)? Will WMA9 use VBR, ABR, SBR?

Title: Corona (wma9)
Post by: guruboolez on 2002-08-26 14:53:03
I did small tests - very small, but concluant I think.
WMA9 at very low bitrate is a least different from mp3pro VBR. For my taste, and on the (classical) music I tested, mp3pro VBR was better (don't forget that wma9 is only on beta version)

WMA9 = CBR, VBR and Lossless
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