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Title: Razorlame and --dm presets
Post by: kennedyb4 on 2001-10-10 23:34:10
Hello. I picked this up at r3mix forum. It's from Holger..

"CiTay: I'm not sure how the feedback to the presets will be, we'll just have to see. Keep in mind that RL is not only used by experts, but also by some more novice users. As for the missing dm presets: I didn't know them until recently. Besides, both mp3-tech and r3mix explicitly asked me to include their presets, Dibrom hasn't, and I'm not sure if he wants them to be deployed. (i.e. I don't know how experimental they are.) "

Might be a good idea to have the dm presets available for newbish types. Looks like he is willing if Dibrom contacts him.
Title: Razorlame and --dm presets
Post by: Dibrom on 2001-10-11 05:48:23
Hrmm.. I will definitely look into this as soon as I have completed my latest tweaks to the presets.  I'm also going to contact the CDex author and see if I can get him to include the presets in his program as well.  Thanks for letting me know.
Title: Razorlame and --dm presets
Post by: kennedyb4 on 2001-10-12 01:06:45
Hi.  Regarding CDeX, will the presets work with the lame enc dll?

Ther reason I ask is that I use this other program, messer for on the fly encoding from my line in for radio broadcasts.

He uses the dll and told me that presets were not supported.

BTW as if you havn't got enough to do, this on the fly line in tool would make a nifty hydrogen audio tool:D

BTW2 Congrats and best of luck for your project mayhem
Title: Razorlame and --dm presets
Post by: jord on 2001-10-15 22:04:58
@ kennedyb4,

I had the same question in a separate thread about on the fly encoding with CDEX.

Check out [a href='http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=117' target='_blank'][/a]

It works!

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