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Development - (fb2k) / Re: Trying to compile ASIO output plugin and...
Last post by arnaudf -

Finally managed to register the output.
Trying now to glue things (foobar and asio) together.

When I launch Foobar and trying to play a song, I can see callbacks (see below).
Can somebody tell me if it's the correct sequence, and what is expected in each call ?

- get_guid : I assume it's used to get guid of the output device
- output constructor : in case of Asio, init (and open ?) the driver
- volume_set : trivial
- get_latency : seems to be used to know the length of sample to be played
But in which buffers samples are stored ? Is there some helpers functions ?
- update : Which is the purpose ?? Also there is an on_update() function (currently commented in my impl)

Apart SDK, could somebody shows me sample code ?


Code: [Select]
Components loaded in: 0:01.450880
Configuration read in: 0:00.002234
User Interface initialized in: 0:00.069661
Startup time : 0:01.548173
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: External Tags
Last post by Sergey77 -
first of all I'm very happy that you managed to do the clever way ...exttag: // () wrapper...
I got identical view of the stream items at the playlist for External Tags and m-TAGS.
But during playback, the behavior of these items is different at playlist. For items of External Tags the contents $meta(genre), $info(tagtype), $meta(url) are missing (see pic. ETG).
For items of m-TAGS all the contents is visible during playback (see pic. MTG), that looks better. Also has the different look for %title%.
Is it possible to get for the elements of External Tags of the same view at playlist as for the elements of m-TAGS during playback?
One more question: m-TAGS can not attach the picture for the same link when the External Tags has already attached the picture?
(I get an error: "Attached picture editing failure on "D:\RadioPlaylist\Intense Radio.tags": Access denied"

Thanks for your persistence, diligence and work!
General Audio / Re: Downsampling Vinyl-Rips to CD
Last post by hintlou -
Specifically, by default, SoX automatically adds TPDF dither when the output bit-depth is less than 24 and any of the following are true
This is true for SoX commandline tool. But you aren't using it.

If you use ffmpeg, it will NOT dither by default. You need to set dither manually.
-af "aresample=44100:resampler=soxr:precision=33:osf=s16:dither_method=shibata" (if using this command you also can ommit -ar 44100 -sample_fmt s16p)
More dither methods are available, see

Which dither_method be used usually for downsampling to 44.1K?
Opus / Re: Opus 1.3 is out!
Last post by Lear -
You mean, to replace (a+b)+c with a+(b+c)?  Well, Visual Studio Opus project has FloatingPointModel==Fast in Release configuration.

I actually recommend against enabling that for Opus without very careful testing.
Hm, that wasn't entirely clear to me... Do you mean that fast math hasn't been tested with Visual Studio builds? That's how I read it, but as lvqcl says, the Release configuration for the Opus project does use FloatingPointModel==Fast (though the ReleaseDLL configuration uses Precise). See;a=blob;f=win32/VS2015/common.props

(Also, any particular reason to set StructMemberAlignment to 16 bytes? Just curious.)
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