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Stop after current bug

We have Stop after current in settings and in track context menu, but after playing one track Stop after current resetting (not active). This function is really needed for live work in theatre etc. Fix this, please.

(This bug is not in the windows version, but it is in android and mac version)
Sorry for my English...

Re: Stop after current bug

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Is this unreal to fix?
Without this function working correct we can't emulate Auto Pause mode of MiniDisc deck...

Re: Stop after current bug

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Re: Stop after current bug

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I also request this feature.

The stop after current option has been keeping the above mentioned behavior now.
Currently, one track option also has a function very similar to the after current option.

However, the stop after current is a distinctive function and the behavior is a bit different from that of the one track.
The stop after current forces the application to wait for playback of the next track.
This means that if the skipnext operation is executed after the current song has been played, the next song in the playback queue will be played.

On the other hand, the one track fixes the playback queue to the current track only and stops playback after the current track is played unless repeat is toggled on.
Executing the skipnext operation after the current track has been played will start playback from the beginning of the last active list.