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[Bug Report] app crashes when next song plays

Just reporting a bug where the app crashes whenever the next song plays

Re: [Bug Report] app crashes when next song plays

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I assume this was from build 2023-12-07.
Crash regression was addressed in build 2023-12-10.
If not, please clarify (exact version + device).
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Re: [Bug Report] app crashes when next song plays

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i think i have a mutation on this bug (version 1.4.2 to beta 1.5, android 13 arm64-v8a)
i semi-frequently update my phone's music, sometimes location or filenaming.
while browsing a playlist, i select a song to play on shuffle. the 'next song' preview in the playlist is 'untitled', and i press next. the app crashes and upon trying to reopen, i could listen to the same song before the crash, instead i clear art cache, i scroll the list to find the 9 songs that are 'untitled' and proceed to tap one to play.
my app is now soft-locked and i cannot open it even through external means (open-with in other file managers), i cannot conceivably backup playlist data or settings, i clear cache and remove filesystem access, i still cannot open the app anymore. it seems to be stuck crashing on trying to open the last-played file, which couldn't be found anyway.
i got into the beta as i started experiencing this, this circumstance still happens on 1.4.2 and on 1.5 beta
behavior before recent updates i recall the app just showing an error tooltip & blank playback info, letting me choose something else.

Re: [Bug Report] app crashes when next song plays

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Latest build fixed my issue, thank you so much!