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-h as the new default mode

Perception is everything to many. Ones that look at percent compressed vs flac vs ones that look
for the 'fastest' decoding even though both are meanigless in modern scenarios.

Still, It will stick that both have same compression but flac is 'fast' and wavpack is 'slow' due to
looking at some 'studies' and graphs.

If -h became the new default, Wavpack compression on paper would look much better than flac. The speed
would still be very fast both ways. This could help popularity. It would stick in peoples mind that wavpack
compress better than flac and most other codecs - except TAK & APE.  Tak is closed source. APE -c2000  is fast but slow to decode.
APE -c1000 compression is similar to wavpack -h but still slower in decoding . WV has better license then APE.

I think win win for -h as default.  -hh can be new -h, normal could be 'fast' and fast could become 'very fast'

wavpack hybrid 256k -hx4

Re: -h as the new default mode

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Hi shadowking, and thanks for the suggestion! I actually have thought about this and I do use the high mode the most, although sometimes I use -x6 as the default when I’m not in a hurry.

I think though that there are other reasons for people not using WavPack unrelated to this, like limited hardware support and confusion about all its additional features. If people are looking for a codec just to rip their CDs to I suggest FLAC.

If someone needs something unique that WavPack has, like 32-bit audio (integer or float), or DSD, or hybrid/lossy, or dozens of channels, etc, then obviously I recommend it.

And at this point I think it would only add confusion to either rename the modes I have, or force high mode on by default and create a new option for “normal” (which is probably the way I’d go).

BTW, do you really still use 4.80?  :)

Re: -h as the new default mode

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Hi David,

Last night I had another thought, This time much simpler. The idea is to hide the complicated options
and emphasise 'presets' for the most common lossless / hybrid options. I took ideas from zip, lzop, flac, mac cli tools


-0   = -f
-1   =  -x
-2   = -hx (recommended)

-hybrid0 = -b256hx3c
-hybrid1 = -b320hx3c
-hybrid2 = -b384hx4c

Yes still on 4.8. I really should try latest or just delete my dumb signature :)
wavpack hybrid 256k -hx4

Re: -h as the new default mode

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Yes, that's actually kind of a good idea that I had not thought of. In fact, FFmpeg works that way (although I don't agree with what they've chosen, for example you can only get the high -x modes with -hh).

Of course, it doesn't address the original issue unless we force one of them as default, but it's something to think about.

As for the 4.8 issue, you know you're missing out on the new quick verify feature by using that, right?  :)

Re: -h as the new default mode

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Nice ideas by shadowking, course as long as the "complicated options" remain available (I guess that's what he means by hiding them).

Stil on 4.80.0?! How can you live without wvtag ;) ? Come on, man :)) !
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