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FLAC / Re: FLAC decoder testbench
Last post by Brand -
Just a comment on the foobar2000 entry in the table: for me it doesn't actually play file 55 properly. I get "Unsupported format or corrupted file" errors for the indexes, after the first 10 seconds. Version 1.6.7 (the latest stable).
I wonder if it's something on my end or is that a mistake.
EDIT: tried with a clean foobar install and it still doesn't play it properly, with big glitches/pauses between tracks/indexes (sometimes it shows errors, sometimes not).
General - (fb2k) / Re: Computer Slows Down After Approximately Two Weeks of Continuous Play
Last post by snotlicker -
Being a scripting nerd, I ought to be ashamed of myself for not thinking of it before but it's quite possible one of the WSH panel mod scripts is the culprit. Normally, javascript writers don't have to concern themselves with managing resources but these components offer a murky crossover with C++ objects like fonts and images which have to be treated with care. I have pretty much zero confidence my own scripts would withstand being left running for 2 weeks so I'm certainly not pointing my finger at anyone else.
General Audio / Re: WMP Tag Plus - MPEG4, Vorbis and FLAC metadata support for WMP
Last post by snotlicker -
Works for me in the UK. I doubt it's being deliberately blocked by the webhosting provider unless you live in a hostile state!

Can nslookup resolve the IP address? From a command prompt...

Code: [Select]

I get...

Code: [Select]
Server:  homerouter.cpe
Address:  fe80::8abf:e4ff:fef4:fd04

Non-authoritative answer:

If that fails, you have a localised DNS issue which is presumably provided by your internet service provider.

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Columns UI
Last post by aphelion -
i also found a mistake in the script-1 (for the 'playlists switcher panel'):

$ifgreater($len(%length%),6,$add($mul($substr(%length%,0,$sub($strstr(%length%,:),1)),60),$substr(%length%,3,4)) $right(%length%,2),$substr(%length%,0,$sub($strstr(%length%,:),1)) $right(%length%,2))$tab()%size%  

this new version of the script is good for durations like:
7:01                   (7 minutes and 1 second)                                these 4 symbols are correctly displayed as 7 01
57:01                 (57 minutes and 1 second)                              these 5 symbols are correctly displayed as 57 01
1:57:01              (1 hour and 57 minutes and 1 second)            these 7 symbols are correctly displayed as 117 01

but there may be rare cases when the quantity of symbols is more than 7
2 initial examples only:
11:57:01            (11 hours and 57 minutes and 1 second)         these 8 symbols are incorrectly displayed
111:57:01          (111 hours and 57 minutes and 1 second)       these 9 symbols are incorrectly displayed

for instance, the script displays the following total duration: 660 45
while the real total duration is 11:58:44.500

1) unfortunately, the script ignores the '500' part
because the 'columns ui' is not able to use the %length_ex% (in the 'playlists switcher panel')

2) so the script correctly deals with the hours (11 hours are multiplied by 60)

3) then the script fails to add the '58' part to 660
because a position of the first colon is not appropriate anymore (due to different quantity of symbols)
so i see wrong 660 minutes (instead of correct 718 minutes)

4) then the script displays the 45 seconds (while there are only 44 in reality)
but this is the 'rounding up' defect of foobar (the script is not guilty)

here's the updated version that removes the mistake:

$ifgreater($len(%length%),6,$ifequal($len(%length%),7,$add($mul($substr(%length%,0,$sub($strstr(%length%,:),1)),60),$substr(%length%,3,4)) $right(%length%,2),$replace(%length%,:, )),$substr(%length%,0,$sub($strstr(%length%,:),1)) $right(%length%,2))$tab()%size%  

the logic is to display the convenient 'minutes and seconds' (instead of the inconvenient 'hours and minutes and seconds')
but only if the quantity of hours is less than 10

generally speaking, it's finally possible to see something good like: 7 04 or 22 54 or 51 33 or 62 58 or 75 15 or 90 44
instead of the standard (and kind of ugly) approach like:                7:04 or 22:54 or 51:33 or 1:02:58 or 1:15:15 or 1:30:44
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