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It's not an effect set in Windows or my soundcard (which has no effects by the way) cause it happens only on this mp3. It remains some of mystery of computers :P.
  Interestingly, my young brother(far younger than me, he's in his 20s)
He's still at that age where he knows everything! :D

He said that it is very possible to affect the analog signal with digital process such as converting flac to mp3 128kps.
Yes, MP3 is lossy.  But, that's a purely digital process (no analog).   Once the signal is digitized, there is no analog until digital-to-analog conversion during playback.

Aside from intentionally using lossy compression to get smaller files...  Once you are in the digital domain, everything is generally super-reliable, and when something goes wrong it usually goes terribly wrong...   One altered bit in the file that holds your bank account balance can make a million dollar error just as easily as a one cent error.    

One example I use is this - If there's a spelling error or typo in this message, it's probably me...   It's not the data getting corrupted over the Internet.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Monitoring the audio buffer
Last post by Pusherman -
I tried that, and while I didn't give a careful listen, the LatencyMon graph looked the same as the one I've posted in reply #6. In my opinion the problem isn't CPU-related because my CPU usage stays at reasonable levels.
My latency graphs are horrible too, but i never have audio problems in any device (W7-64). No Realtek NIC though.

Priorities matter even with low loads, some progs could hog too many cpu cycles before audio app and cause clicks or pops. IO-load problems can be harder to sort out.

I have this option set to background services.
No, not downmixing 5.1 to stereo.  How do you turn individual channels down in Foobar? Is there an input gain  adjustment (by channels)?
The overload I am getting is more like 10 - 20db too hot on all but the front left channel.

It's even clearly visible in the spectrogram, see image.
In yours as well? It's still a mystery why playing in foobar produces this wobble. Could be an effect set in windows or your sound card.
AAC - General / Re: Apple TVBR vs CVBR
Last post by Case -
Apple uses constant bitrate because it gives predictable file size.

All listening test results I have seen suggests their quality is practically identical at the same bitrate.
Your comment about the quality difference is against test results and user experiences. People have used Apple's AAC in TVBR mode for years with software such as QAAC and there have been no quality complaints.

If you have a sample file that turns bad with TVBR many people would be eager to see it. I know I would.
A source(DAC+CD player. A player is important because I still use CDs)
Rip to hard drive! As you play, kind of - I am not sure if any of the secure rippers actually facilitate "play as you rip", but if you use a tracks-based application you can start playing track 1 after a few seconds. If not, you can let e.g. foobar2000 play your CD, and then you can rip it afterwards, while it is still in your drive.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_wave_seekbar
Last post by Zao -
What I am saying is that there is a hard limit in the Windows OS on how many DLLs can be loaded, due to each static embedded C++ runtime requires one "TLS slot" each.

When you run into this limit, which is around 128, no more such DLLs can be loaded.

I am suspecting that as you have a LOT of components, you are close to this limit. I'm asking you to try with fewer components or in a fresh new "portable" installation of foobar2000, to see if this is the underlying problem.

foobar2000 only warns about when top-level components can't load. If a component fails internally due to not being able to load a DLL that _it_ needs, you may see the kind of errors we have, where internal DLLs seem to not get loaded.
AAC - General / Re: Apple TVBR vs CVBR
Last post by ghostman6842 -
To my ears, Apple AAC sounds totally fucking horrible, even at 320 kbps. It's not tuned properly at all.

Yet no ABX test.

If you have an issue with proving statements with ABX testing you should probably have read the rules for the forum before joining.
This is no a placebo tolerant place.  Prove you statements or don't spread unproven nonsense.

8. All members that put forth a statement concerning subjective sound quality, must -- to the best of their ability -- provide objectivMe? Troll? HAH! This from somebody who represents a forum who lets a so-called moderator, who's really a troll (i..e greynol) go after people all the time, then do nothing when he abuses his power to get away with it. The guy & his friends tricked me once into doing an ABX test & posting the results afterwards. Guess what? All they could do was make excuses, questioning the methodology of the test itself while "coincidentally" avoiding the results, which proved I was right, All they cared about what their agenda, attacking anyboe support for their claims.  Acceptable means of support are double blind listening tests (ABX or ABC/HR) demonstrating that the member can discern a difference perceptually, together with a test sample to allow others to reproduce their findings.  Graphs, non-blind listening tests, waveform difference comparisons, and so on, are not acceptable means of providing support.

The only troll is you that does not adhere to the basic rules of the forum.

Troll? Me? That's funny. Especially coming from somebody who represents a forum that looks the other way when a particular "moderator" (i.e. troll) regularly goes after people here, then uses his power to get away with it. That dude & his friends actually tricked me into that "posting ABX results" thing awhile back. Didn't matter that the results proved him wrong. He & his friends just attacked me, questioning the very methodology of the test to try and shut me up. That's why I not going to bother wasting my time with that crap.

But I guess it's just "coincidence" that Apple came up with that "Mastered for iTunes" crap? That was their way of telling the world "Yeah, we know TVBR sucks. That's why we convinced the music industry to help us make it not sound as much like crap." I can take any song, convert it into both TVBR & CVBR (at the highest settings), and CVBR will win every single time. But, again, nobody has to believe me. Do your own ABX tests. Despite what some think, this stuff ain't rocket science.

And lets get real here. "Rules" are whatever the hell certain people here pull out of their asses to try and shut people up when their world view is threatened. This thread is a reminder of that. Lame move harassing me by PM'ing me troll messages. And one of the from a so-called "moderator" What are you? A bunch of goddamned 5 yr. olds? And some people wonder why some leave this forum and never come back? You people are pathetic!
4.Sell the whole thing and build a new system instead(and how much should I spend?)

This, and just look for the specs you want in the components. You should be able to build out a complete and amazing sounding system for under $2000, and that's splurging. My current system was less than $1k and it sounds fantastic.

3.)Did the salesman tell the truth?

Pretty much. The design goal of an amp is to amplify the input signal with as little audible change in the quality as possible. Modern components are more than capable of this. If an amp "colors" the sound then it's faulty or poorly designed. Some "audiophile" brands even distort the output in specific ways and call it their signature sound. And yep, it's their signature inferiority on display.