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Usually when I rip a CD to FLAC and rip it as one file rather than individual tracks, foobar will create a CUE sheet to go with the FLAC file. However, ever since I updated to version 1.3.16, I end up with just a FLAC file (and no CUE sheet) no matter what I do.
When I play the FLAC file, it does appear to have the tracks seperated, as if the CUE sheet somehow is embedded within the FLAC file.
Why is it doing this, and how do I get it to create a CUE sheet when ripping, like it used to do?
General - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000.exe /command:?
Last post by Hidrojen -
How can I send a folder and create a new playlist with folder name?
shpeck with MilkDrop and Martin/Nitorami's presets (among others, but they are the standouts). It just gets better and better as graphics cards do, got a 1060 recently and it looks incredible!
If for some reasons a cheap recorder sounds worse than an expensive one after some double blind listening tests, the reasons are usually mic quality and flexibility (some recorders allow position and angle adjustment of their built-in mics).

Nowadays converter technologies are very mature, even budget (not faulty) ADCs won't ruin 44k recordings in audible ways when compared with SoX downsampling. 96k may still be usable if you need to record ultrasonic sound, or you need do edit the recorded files, e.g. change playback speed and pitch.
New Version: YouTube Track Manager 3.9.2


FIX: Compatibility with foo_youtube 2.0
Great!! (I was about to ask...)
Listening Tests / Invite: MQA Core vs. Hi-Res Blind Test
Last post by Archimago -
Hey guys, just wanted to drop by to let folks know that I'm running a blind test of MQA Core Decode vs. original hi-res...

As you know there's been plenty of hub-bub over the last few years in the audiophile world about the "revolutionary" MQA technology with all kinds of claims on how it improves sound. Hopefully I can gather some data to compare what MQA decoding sounds like with your own DAC especially for those of you who don't have TIDAL and may be wondering about the difference between a stream that's MQA Core decoded compared to say a non-MQA 24/96 stream.

After you listen, I would of course love to know your perception of differences. The tracks are randomized and "blinded". Tell me which you prefer and how much difference you perceive!

Test instructions and files can be found here:
INTERNET BLIND TEST: MQA Core Decoding vs. Standard Hi-Res Audio

Thanks all, have fun... Feel free to spread this test around. Taking blind test survey results until September 8.
MP3 - General / Re: Incorrect Bitrate displayed for VBR files
Last post by descrates -
yes famous music player cannot handle specific issue as far as
for testing...

lame.exe -V0 -b 320 song.wav
(remove mp3packer.exe for test)

please use -2.0 db input wav
Movie/Multichannel audio / Re: So how do we feel about Dolby Atmos?
Last post by andy o -
I didn't phrase that very clearly, sorry. I meant that bluray usage has been in decline. Streaming now as far as I know is only doing Atmos, and granted it's very new and only a handful of titles are planned on Netflix this year, but pretty much all streaming services have been doing DD or DD+ for years now, so I don't think DTS-X will take most of the market like it had in the bluray heyday. Streaming is the mainstream now. It's not clear to me even if lossy DTS-HD can carry DTS-X metadata, not that any streaming services are using it anyway.

There's some interesting info and pics on this CNET article about DTS-X