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Getting a warmer sound from foobar2000


I own a 2.1 setup based on:

- amp Roksan K3
- speakers B&W 685 S2
- sub B&W ASW610 (it's very soft configured in music, just don't mind it)
- dac Asus Essence One USB

Foobar2000 is my default player and I use no dsp except for ASIO that my dac supports.

Everything is perfect and detailed but with some records the bright and the dynamics in the highs are a little too much and the listening sessions became way to fatiguing.

I know there are thousands of add-on I could try (convolvers?) but I am here to ask if somebody with my same issues could advice me something, something that will not degrade my setup.

Roksan K3 / B&W 685 S2 / B&W ASW610 S2 / Asus Xonar Essence One USB / Dirac Live / Sennheiser HD650 / G&BL 5555 Serie HPN / Supra Classic 2.5 / Apple Watch Sport

Re: Getting a warmer sound from foobar2000

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View -> Equalizer ?
Memento: this is Hydrogenaudio. Do not assume good faith.

Re: Getting a warmer sound from foobar2000

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FB2K is bit perfect, so if things are sounding harsh in the highs, that's either how the track sounds, or how your playback system sounds. I'd recommend a high quality EQ of some kind. If you can deal with a VST Wrapper component, there are lots of great free ones, TDR SlickEQ springs to mind.

Re: Getting a warmer sound from foobar2000

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I experience the the same phenomenon, FB is sounding a bit bright compared to VLC, Samplitude, Soundforge, or a couple of browser players I use from time to time (not to mention ms media player which sounds dark but muddy imho).
I guess, some of these players should be bit perfect too.

I have been using FB for years and I love it for its many functions and its openess. Of course this is an individual impression, and I can not give you any measurable proof. But I have been working professionally in radio and music recording studios for 37 years. I am new to this forum and I would appreciate a hint where to read and discuss best about this topic.

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