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remove duplicate tags?

Hi all,

I just noticed that I have a bunch of AIFs with duplicate id3 (v 1.24) key and bpm tags. For these files fb2k displays the "%bpm%" value as "120,120". I found out that it's easy to work around this issue for display purposes  - if2($meta(bpm,1),$meta(bpm,0)) -  but I have not found a way to strip the redundant tags completely from the files.

Is this possible with fb2k and if yes, could someone please point me in the right direction?

best regards,

Re: remove duplicate tags?

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The right direction would probably be in metadata properties -> tools -> automatically fill values.
For your given example, Source: %bpm% and pattern %bpm%; does the trick.

Re: remove duplicate tags?

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First I'd find the affected files only using library search...

Code: [Select]
"$meta_num(bpm)" GREATER 1

then highlight the results, right click>Properties, right click the bpm field>format from other fields and enter

Code: [Select]

Re: remove duplicate tags?

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Thanks, Marc. The 'format from other fields' does the trick

Re: remove duplicate tags?

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Note to self: never report success before you closed the dialog window.

The 'format from other fields' approach fails with a "Could not update tags (Unsupported format or corrupted file) on:" error message (same one as when I try to edit the tag manually)



Re: remove duplicate tags?

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Well I don't know anything about AIF (is that AIFF??) files but my suggestion would be converting them to something like FLAC or Apple lossless which has proper tagging support.

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