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I am new and open for tips and suggestions

Hello everyone!

I remember listening to audio cd's in the 90ies and early 2000's, before with the internet and mp3's, everything changed.

the last years i streamed my music, but two week ago i found an audio cd and just put it in and listened.

and yes. the quality was so much better. 320kbit mp3 is nice, but now i don't want to listen anymore to mp3.

i started buying cd's again. i prefer this instead of buying mp3, flac or wav.

and with foobar2000 i found the perfect player for my music. there is a gapless playback, and this was important.

but it seems there are a lot great features going on with foobar.

so i'd like to ask if there are some must have features you can recommend.

and yes. i took a look into some threads, and it seems many of you know a lot about technical aspects of foobar components and audio in general.

i can solve almost every software related topic if there is a guide, but finally i am not a programmer or something. i only use photoshop and daw software, and there i know some things.

so i am open for suggestions.


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