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  • firewater
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Shuffle button
Anyone has any idea how I could implement this? Looking for a visual indicative that I can click to turn shuffle on/off, rather than using keyboard shortcuts (as I won't remember if it's enabled or not).

  • jazzthieve
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Re: Shuffle button
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I use this code snippet for a shuffle text button. It cycles through various kinds of shuffle modes. See if this works for you.

Code: [Select]
$puts(pb_order.action,COMMAND:Playback/Order/Cycle Forward)

$if($strstr(%ps_playback_order%,Repeat '('track')'),$upper(Repeat),
$if($strstr(%ps_playback_order%,Repeat '('playlist')'),$upper(Repeat PL),
$if($strstr(%ps_playback_order%,Shuffle '('albums')'),$upper(Shuffle A),
$if($strstr(%ps_playback_order%,Shuffle '('folders')'),$upper(Shuffle F),
$if($strstr(%ps_playback_order%,Shuffle '('tracks')'),$upper(Shuffle),

$textbutton(x,y,w,h,$get(pb_order.txt),$get(pb_order.txt),$get(pb_order.action);%_REFRESH%,fontcolor:255-255-255 left,fontcolor:153-204-255 left)

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Re: Shuffle button
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^You might mention the component you are using (panel stack splitter) and the the fact it requires Columns UI.

The easiest way for both default UI and columns is using the playback order toolbar. Just right click any other toolbar to enable.