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Convert entire library to alac (from flac)

I have a large library of music in FLAC format. I need to create a matching COPY of this library in ALAC (apple lossless) format to be consumed by an ipod/iPhone.

Folder names are currently like this
"Deftones - White Pony [flac]"

I want to end up with folders like this
"Deftones - White Pony [alac]"

and matching ALAC files in the [alac] folder... Make sense?

What's the best way to take care of this, large scale? What is available for command line use/scripting?

Convert entire library to alac (from flac)

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What OS?  Since you mention command line/scripting, I'm going to assume Windoze.

foobar2000 + qaac = FLAC -> ALAC with minimal fuss (and completely customizable file/path names), although fb2k won't transfer album art.

Of course, if you really want to write your own scripts for this, qaac is CLI, so there you go.
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Convert entire library to alac (from flac)

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I believe dBpoweramp can convert to Apple Lossless.

Convert entire library to alac (from flac)

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dbpoweramp rocks! The bulk tool and multithreaded-ness of it is making this a DREAM.

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