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[TOS #2] From:Is some music better than other music?, A vexed question

It's an interesting question. One approach could be to do what IMDB do with films. If 20,000 people have voted on a film and the average turns out to be 5/10, I usually agree. Rent, don't buy. I won't bother watching anything voted as less than 5/10. The wisdom of the crowd must count more than one individuals judgement. Have a look at the IMDB Top 250. There is not a *bad* film in there. It might not include your favourite film but all will be "good" films.

Tthere are multiple films in there which I have never watched to the end because of their awfulness. And some are actually objectionable - eg the not very coded racism of Rocky: "Hey! Ifs we can't have a real white boxing champion, luhs invent wun!" Any idea that everyone will agree that all popular films are reasonably non-awful is bunkum.

Also: you underestimate the power of cranky, strange little groups - eg the ability of Ayn Rand fans to get some of the worst novels ever written into top 100 lists.


[TOS #2] From:Is some music better than other music?, A vexed question

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I happen to think that Rocky and Star Trek (2009) are quite bad in most ways that matter to me. I turned off Rocky half way, and Star Trek left me empty inside and with a craving for things with more substance, like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

How does a program marketed towards preteen girls have more substance?
That is the real problem with today's mainstream cinema, isn't it?

!. Since when have preteens girls been shallower than racist boxing fans and 40 year old basement dwelling virgins?

2. There is quite a heritage of classic childrens' fiction; assuming that, oh, Kim  or the bizarrely deep and terrifying Moomin Valley I November ( have to be shallower books than Tom Clancy's or Clive Cussler's because the first two are for children and the second for supposed adults is a poor heuristic.

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