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Lossless vs 320kbps vs 256kbps

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Hello everyone again.
I've been quite busy setting up my new computer these last days, and now I'm finally back and ready to test again.

I've got a new sound card and headphones too, and my first impression (not ABX) is that now I can't tell the difference between 256 kps and flac as clearly as I thought I could do before...
Now I don't want to sound confusing, but maybe there were too many parameters I was not controlling at the time I wrote my first post.

I must read a lot more here, in this awesome forum, before I can make more meaningful and concise questions.
Thank you everyone for your patience, your good advice and support and I hope to see you around here soon.
Now back to learning and testing!


Lossless vs 320kbps vs 256kbps

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Encoding with 256 kbps is so good that chance is close to zero that you'll find a track in your music collection where you can hear a difference.

Encoding losslessly for an archive on your pc however has its merits too. Whenever you should find it necessary one day to re-encode for whatever reason you have a lossless source for this. Storage space usually isn't a problem nowadays on computers.
But for mere listening lossless encodings aren't necessary.

I have a lossless archive collection on my computer, and a corresponding high quality mp3 collection with which I also care about adequate equal listening volume. I use the mp3 collection on my mobile phone and any other music playing device I really use for listening.
lame3995o -Q1.7 --lowpass 17

Lossless vs 320kbps vs 256kbps

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I agree with both of you that hard disk space is not an issue anymore, and so I've decided to keep my collection of FLACs, untouched, whichever my final conclusion after these tests may be. Today I've got 3 x 2TB hard disks for music, the first one covering from 0 to L, the second one from M to Z, and the third one for classical and Spanish music, and I will not downgrade them, ever.

i would seriously recommend having a cold copy of your audio archive, not plugged into a computer where it could be erased or become damaged.

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