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Topic: [TOS #8] Resampling plug-in: but there are usefull? (Read 3672 times) previous topic - next topic
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[TOS #8] Resampling plug-in: but there are usefull?

Hi to all,

I have read on a forum that FOOBAR and other music player can resample the frequency for a better sound quality.

But my question is:

- if I play a a FLAC file that is 44kHz and 16 bit

How it can sound better if I resample with SOX Resample plug-in at 96kHz if the starting file is 44kHz?

If I resample with SOX to 96 kHz is usefull or not?

Some people say that resample increase the purity of the sound.... but my question is... how?


[TOS #8] Resampling plug-in: but there are usefull?

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It's simple - it doesn't.
lossyWAV -q X -a 4 -s h -A --feedback 2 --limit 15848| FLAC -5 -e -p -b 512 -P=4096 -S-

[TOS #8] Resampling plug-in: but there are usefull?

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But the people that use SOX Plugin describe the sound more naturale, because the upsampling create some antialais on the digital sound achitecture.

Possibile that a CD can sound better if a DSP make upsampling?

[TOS #8] Resampling plug-in: but there are usefull?

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Antgen, lots of people say lots of things. Some even lie. It is your responsibility to filter said information to separate out the crap. No one can do it for you.

Why open thread after thread that result in the exact same pattern. You ask about magic audio, receive a reply, reject said reply and say that you have heard others say magic exists. So what!

Why not spend the time testing these magic mushrooms for yourself. After all, it is your ears that matter. You use Foobar. Do some abx testing and report back. By the way, you lead in the most recent CLOSED threads. Maybe you should consider stop reading nonsense audio sites.

[TOS #8] Resampling plug-in: but there are usefull?

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Sorry for my stupid question.

But i'm only searching to configure my PC + Denon amp for the best audiophyle experience with FLAC music.

Only that.

[TOS #8] Resampling plug-in: but there are usefull?

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There is a reason to use resampling, but it has nothing to do with improving the original signal.

Soundcards that used the "AC-97" standard, used to playback at 48Khz, and 44Khz signals were resampled in hardware (or sometimes in software with a fast algorithms = low quality).
Resampling with a better resampler beforehand avoided using the less good one from the driver/soundcard.

So that's it. Resampling never helps to improve the quality, but resampling can degrade the quality if not done correctly.

[TOS #8] Resampling plug-in: but there are usefull?

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The goal of any upsampling* algorithm is to upsample without changing the sound...  This is generally the goal of "high fidelity"...  To reproduce the original sound as accurately as possible.  Of course, resampling will change the data, but hopefully not the sound!

If you want to change or "improve" the sound, try an equalizer!  (Or, get new speakers.)

*With downsampling, you would also like to preserve the original sound but downsampling requires low-pass filtering.    (When you're downsampling from 96khz to 48kHz or 44.1kHz, the filtering takes place as supersonic (non-audible) frequencies and the downsampled file can sound the same.  But if you downsample too far, you will get into the audio range.

[TOS #8] Resampling plug-in: but there are usefull?

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But at the end of the story, make an upsample to 48 Khz o similar frequency is usefull or not?

On Nexthardware forum they have suggest to use:

- use FOOBAR with ASIO
- include a DSP named SOX resampler and set it to the maximum allowed from my soundboard

What is the conclusion?

[TOS #8] Resampling plug-in: but there are usefull?

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AND, it has already been suggested to you:

ASIO is design for low latency and not directly related to or needed for playback AND it may cause compatibility issues with other components in your audio chain, one of which is a tendency to cause the user to over thinking problems with issues that do not exist. Use direct sound and be done with it.

Foobar and ASIO - see above.

Resampler has already been answered. The site you reference sells hardware. Are you expecting them to suggest that audio is straight forward process or one that requires special bits.

The conclusion has already been given to you multiple times. You do not seem to care. Just use whatever you want. It is raining outside. I have heard that if I run real fast I will not get wet. What do you think?

Please hesitate to ask the same question again.

[TOS #8] Resampling plug-in: but there are usefull?

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Ok, thanks. Now all is clear! I have partecipated to a discussion on an other forum about this... and the people has suggested to reconfigure my PC with ASIO or WASAPI for a better quality...

After that I have find this forum... and I think that here there are very pro people... the other forum... not very pro

So it's all suggestion... all is suggestion?!?!?! All the people that speak about ASIO and WASAPI as a super clear sound and a super hifi sound... and Direct Sound as a Flat sound.... all is imagination?!?!?!

In conclusione I can tell to the people that are loosing all the time with ASIO, DS, Kmixer, WASAPI, etc.... that they are lost their time and the sound from their PC is the same?

Less beer and fantasy and more girl?


an example of people that talk about WASAPI, Direct Sound etc:

[TOS #8] Resampling plug-in: but there are usefull?

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[TOS #8] Resampling plug-in: but there are usefull?

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Now a people that has suggest to me ASIO describe the sound of ASIO more "open/air/free" respect to DirectSound with iTunes......


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