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FFmpeg now has an MPEG-4 ALS decoder

As of a few minutes ago (r20517), FFmpeg now has an LGPL MPEG-4 ALS decoder.

FFmpeg now has an MPEG-4 ALS decoder

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That's beautiful! Does that mean I can now DECODE my ALAC using Cue Tools? Specifically my ALAC tracks that were encoded using the ffmpeg encoder and Cue Tools.

I am loving this ffmpeg encoder!    Just loving it right now. They say it's not "archive ready". I'll tell you what, when I encode ALAC with DB Poweramp ref 13.3, those ALAC tracks will NOT pass the Foo-Verifier, they will NOT pass the Bit compare in Foobar (length mismatch) Plus, every album I transcode to ALAC using DB Poweramp cannot be verified with accurate rip inside Foobar. FYI The new Foo Verifier component will check Accurate rip results for an album (which is awesome) 

Conversely, every single track I have encoded to ALAC using the latest ffmpeg encoder (placed in the Cue Tools directory) Passes the Foo Verifier, it passes the Bit Compare test in Foobar, and each album so far has no issues getting accurate rip results inside Foobar. The DB encodes all say (Not a proper Gapless album)... I'm sure there's a reason, but I don't like it. If you haven't tried using ffmpeg with Cue Tools you really should! Even IF 1/1000 tracks has an error, between Cue Tools and Foobar I will know it. With DB who knows.. every track fails anyway 

PS: How do I use this Decoder? Is it still in development?

FFmpeg now has an MPEG-4 ALS decoder

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ALAC has nothing to do with ALS.

I'd kill for an opensource SLS encoder/decoder though. If iTunes detects this and discards the lossless part when copying over to iPod that is

FFmpeg now has an MPEG-4 ALS decoder

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Aren't I the dumbass  Does anyone know how I can decode ALAC with Cue Tools? I have tried DL the ALAC decoder for Cue Tools from here and adding it to the Cue Tools directory. Cue Tools looks to have an ALAC decoder already but it's not working for me. Thanks

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