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[NONSENSE] From: Recommend me a quality MP3 player

However, not being able to conduct such a test is still no reason to make blanket statements (which you continue to do!) without proof. Additionally, I don't see what this has to do with your "At the end of the day, it seems people are intent on believing what they want to believe." statement. Are you talking about yourself? I can see your point if you talking about yourself.

With all of the references to TOS violations, I am still waiting for an admin to intervene on some of the unnecessary hostility that has happened several times in this thread.

-> 2.

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I am willing to do the tests. What I did comment on was that one person has made this statement, and not been equally roasted.

Yes, finding artifacts are a completely different problem than determining that there's an audible difference between two good digital players.

One can be done, and the other can't. ;-)

I am at a loss as to where, what looks to me like a double standard, ends.

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