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WMA lossless encoder and block size

I have two questions related to using Windows Media Audio 9 Lossless with lossyWAV, which just maybe someone in this forum section can help with...

1. Does anyone know of a batch / command line / ACM codec for Window Media Audio 9 Lossless?

2. Does anyone know what specific block size (if any) it uses to determine "wasted_bits"? It seems to work well with lossyWAV at 512, but it may use something else internally.

(If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's some information about lossyWAV if you're interested)



WMA lossless encoder and block size

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It looks like someone had some success doing something similar with the Windows Media 9 Encoder tool.;#entry151777

That post has a link to it for the WMEncoder.exe, but the program is no longer on the page from what I could tell. I found it by searching in Google, the download is here:;displaylang=en

I'm not sure if this will work for you or not, but good luck!

WMA lossless encoder and block size

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From memory, WMALSL uses a block-size of 2048 samples.
lossyWAV -q X -a 4 -s h -A --feedback 2 --limit 15848| FLAC -5 -e -p -b 512 -P=4096 -S-

WMA lossless encoder and block size

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Thanks Nick.

You're right Zoom - there's a script interface included with the standard download.


cscript.exe wmcmd.vbs –input C:\My-songs\Song1.wav –output C:\My-songs-coded\Song1.wma -a_codec WMA9LSL -a_mode 2


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