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[USELESS] MP3 --> MPC convert Help!


I recently strarted using MPC because it sound great. I have a private hub where we get new people who share mpc music. So far I converted 60GB of my MP3s to MPC --insane. I figured since they are most scene releases and 160k mixed, changing into MPC would raise the quality alot. But I have 120GB still to go, and was wandering how I could convert them all more quickly.

I need to figure out MPCGain so it raises the quality even more. Since MPC is VBR, now my muzic collection is great. 

Someone told me I could do it from DOS, but I am on WindowsXP, and I heard WindowsXP doesnt have DOS. wtf???

neways, I am also sharing my files on Kazaa and FTP (uni connexion). Maybe Ill make it public one day so u can 2 d/l all the great mpc ripz.

ppl are not easily convinced that mpc is da best so I spread the word around.

Ok. If someone could tell me how 2 encode mp3s into mpcs quickly, it would be great. MPCXCHANGE is kinda slow. should I maybe try --standard --xlevel instead?

[USELESS] MP3 --> MPC convert Help!

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Mp3-->MPC. That's a sin.

[USELESS] MP3 --> MPC convert Help!

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How does one answer th

[USELESS] MP3 --> MPC convert Help!

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First of all, have you read the forum's rules?? What you're doing is illegal.
Also, converting your MP3s to MPC --insane is illegal as well , since the quality will not improve at all (it may just degrade) no point in doing that.
Again, this post troubled me...

[USELESS] MP3 --> MPC convert Help!

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This post truly is a good joke, xterm  .

But I don't think you'll find someone stupid enough to answer you seriously  B) ...
A Dwarf has its own way to fight !

[USELESS] MP3 --> MPC convert Help!

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great great 

[USELESS] MP3 --> MPC convert Help!

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If this is humor, i don't get it...

[USELESS] MP3 --> MPC convert Help!

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hahaha :B

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