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Creating an audio CD from an opera show on DVD

Hello world 

My uncle likes opera music. He's got tons of DVD    Yesterday he asked me if there was a way to create audio CDs from DVDs. Indeed he'd like to listen to his music in car but doesn't want to buy the same stuff again on CD 

My actual solution is based on DVD Decrypter and SoX:
  • create a script for DVDD to extract only PCM stereo audio from each chapter. In fact, data aren't encrypted but DVDD lets me split audio by chapter, following the story plot.
  • use SoX to resample the tracks from 48 to 44.1 KHz (with polyphase switch to get better results).

It all works fine but i've got a couple of questions:
  • is the PCM stereo track the best choice? should I transcode to stereo the DTS/AC3 one? if so, is BeSweet good for that?
  • is SoX resampling teq good? Alternatives?

I prefer to use apps requiring no installation, with a powerful CLI: i want a heavy automated process and that's why i'm thinking about a command line CD burning sw (suggestions?) for the final step 

Thanx for your help 

Have a nice day!


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