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MPC quality...

How would you describe the differences in  quality of MPC with Mp3?

For me, using Dire Straits/ Ride Across The River, there is a noticable although small improvement with MPC over Mp3. The flute, drums, bass and lead guitar all sound a bit tighter, cleaner. It required close listening to detect the differences, but I'm sure it adds to the overall enjoyment of the music.

Still, I haven't decided to take up the monumental  task of converting all of my mp3s...yet.

MPC quality...

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Originally posted by pigmode
Still, I haven't decided to take up the monumental  task of converting all of my mp3s...yet.

Converting your mp3 wouldn't give you better quality you know that right?

MPC quality...

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I think the biggest thing that draws me to MPC is that its perceived temporal resolution is very good.  Basically, it doesn't  have the problems with pre-echo or post-echo that most other codecs have, and I find those to be the most annoying artifact I think.  Ringing is a close second, but most codecs aside from mp3 aren't really affected by that much.

I think you also just get a cleaner sound overall, and tonal purity seems more intact on things like voice.

All in all, besides what's mentioned, its just a lot of little things that add up to create a great sound.  The psychoacoustics in mpc really are tuned extremely well I think.. its pretty amazing in my opinion.

Oh, and btw.. Jansemanden is right, if you have a bunch of files as mp3 already, it would be better to leave them in that format than convert to mpc.  Unless you meant you are going to rerip them from the cd.


MPC quality...

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Yeah, I meant re-rip, not convert.

Dibrom's explanation pretty much hits the nail on the head. I use Mp3/MPC only when I am at the computer with a Santa Cruz/ Crossfire set up, so the quality is appreciated.

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