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[SPAM] nesa one


I'm italian audio engineer
and this is my last work
Thank's for your interest
audio NESA ONE for solutions Hi Fi - - proposal turned to the operating ones of the field -
I address to the companies of the field interested to undertake the production of this product or to the cession of the licence.

The NESA™ it uses devices with devices to high speed, members passes to you selects to you, not illustrabile unknown layout, printed circults to you realizes from a company manufacturer to you of c.s. for aerospace components , Pin-Plug plated of gold and a type of cabinet that the Floating-load of the electronics cicuit puts into effect electronic after taken care of a calculation of the stiffnesses in-out.

It has six escapes audio in order to put into effect the following functions:

Home Theatre a new surround effects or ambiece effects
whit only two speaker

Marked stereofonia on four channels with a virtual effect of presence, particular attention to the voices of the sung one and the accompanyment, such to compare itself to ologramma sonorous rather than a video.

The NESA™, inserted in an adapted context, decidedly improves the performances of whichever equipment audio and it becomes part in an audio context of equipment thoughts for solutions of high level. It realizes a surround in a position to modifying the phase and the energetic content of marks them and it is placed like valid alternative to similar solutions.

It can be inserted in chains audio of highest level for the intrinsic acoustic qualities.
The NESA™ it has supplied optimal the following performances with equipment:
CD Denon luxman lv 105
marantz 3300 250 powers amplifiers C1000 lux and mq 36
4411 JBL Control Monitor klipsh la scala and other
One becomes part in contexts audio Hi-End of high level

low t.h.d t.i.m t.i.d less than o.1%
Dual ultra fast power supply
Ultra low Noise resistors
electronics layout all silver plated and epoxy Mil
analogue module nesa 50v/mcs
High quality cap
pin plug gold plated
cabinet all duralluminium no plastic solution

Project leader

Name Enrico
Surname Lange
at Gallarate va italy

Education 1972 1978
Istituto tecnico industriale Galileo Ferraris Gallarate
Course of electronics and telecomunication ( high school)

1978 1984
Politecnico of Milano matricola a56510 course of electronics

1984 Small business craftsman for electronics solution projects
for electronics device and motherboard for Plc robotics
handcrafted for the commission Electronics designer layout
1999 External co-operation at DELL Computer milano assago for
the multimedia program whit my Project Nesa audio start
include for two years at the dell store
Audio extracase surround hardware for notebook
2000 Xerox document and printing information tecnologies
and wi fi solution for printers
2004 Canon csc solution center information tecnologies

skill the experience in the audio sector is remarkable I am interested in all the solutions

presented in the Web of the international companies

Op amp for audio preamplifiers whit high rise time device

D class power amplifiers

ultra fast Dac for audio section cd dvd mp3

surround home theatre dolby solution

algoritm matrix surround only entry level for low noise and high resolution

Bruel Kjier and tektronics equipement wawe analizer scope etc etc

ortofon sistem for audio wawe analizaer spectrum

designer engineering layout for audio device Audio premaplifier hybrid solution vc tube and cmos Bjt

a b hybrid solution power amplifiers and micropower amplifiers
for audio Videocellphone surrond

my favourite books

Millman and Jacobs Halkias Electronics device new york
Millman graebe Microelectronics device
Cantarano pallottino Microelettronica applicata al
programma aerospaziale ESA
Magazine Scienze versione italiana Quark Focus

Besides I write articles in the Web The KLYSTRON PLASMA TUBE OSCILLATOR

Patent pending

Buignon international july 2002 nesa audio start
for more details

Magazine web international reference 197796.html
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DA GOOGLE Con la recensione dei redattori di Audio Hi fi e hi end audio

The psicoacustica development

my project Nesa Start borned since the need of giving to audiopiles the possibility of reproducing a sound scene detailed and characterised by high resolution.
You may ask:"how to do?","how i did it?"
Just analyzing the prerogatives and only the phylosofy of Bob Caver ologram sonic generator, realising a generator based on modern technology, with low noise,high quality of sound, ultra fast wide band, low t.h.d. and ulrìtra high quality adio resolution.The low t.h.d. and the high fun of listening give to the audience an high pleasure.
The system can be used with 2 or 4 loud speaker;in the version with 4 is a traditional surroundwith the sound field adapter.In the vesion with only 2 it acts as an equipement that recreates "live" effects and in this situation is an extreme high quality auto-correlator and recreate the sound ologram in ambience.The system is not compatible with digital 5+1 because captures and gives back the analogic that is elaborated.This also means that it could applied to the reproduction of SACD and for high-end quality.In this way all the analogic records can be now modified with this new system if they aren't affected by too much noise.
Im looking forward to develop this equipment with the partnership of a factory because is really a new solution,I'm not joking it is great.Thanks for your time and if you have others questins i will be pleased to answer by e-mail.Best regards

Thanking for the attention ,I look forward to your evaluation,
thank’s a lot for your time
For contact

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