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Topic: QUESTION: About decoding APE + CUE into MP3s Track (Read 2327 times) previous topic - next topic
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QUESTION: About decoding APE + CUE into MP3s Track

hello ive got a problem. I recently downloaded an album only to find that its in APE format accompanied with a cue. Normally it isnt a problem for me because id simply decode the APE files to wav and then convert the tracks to mp3. the problem with this one however is that it is one single File, meaning no tracks. How can i decode the APE  to WAV using the accompanying .Cue file so that it rips the individual tracks? Thanks in advance


QUESTION: About decoding APE + CUE into MP3s Track

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Try search. This question has been up before. 
But to be a nice guy:
Foobar2000 will do it nicely with it's diskwriter (plenty of threads to find on HA explaining that).
And here's one (old) thread 'bout other methods.
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