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I have found Feurio's burst audio extraction to be very affective for badly scratched cd's so I use it as a last resort (after I try EAC then CDex) but I wanted to know, does Feurio's Audio extraction report read errors?, I found it tells when the track is out of sync but what about pop's & clicks?


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No it doesn't, because, as you said, it will only perform burst (or jitter corrected) extraction. I also use it as a last resort BTW, I had a CD with just one stupid track where EAC and CDex would fail (CDex reported no errors in Full Paranoia, but the glitch was still there; EAC reported a read error) - Feurio was the only prog that could extract it flawlessly.




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If your drive supports C2 error reporting, Feurio can tell you how much C2 errors happened. It's a good way to know if there were problems. One of the EAC secure modes (C2 on) only relies on it to detect errors. Of course after that, Feurio won't reread the bad sectors, unlike EAC.

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