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DVD writer quest

I have too many CD archives spanning 12 discs or more and I decided it is time for DVD. The object is to get one that handles 4.7/9.4 GB media, which doesn't really narrow down the list. I am still left in the dark by most manufacturers on read/write speed for each type of media, especially DVD write speed is usually unprinted.

The so-called 3rd generation writers seem good enough for my needs, I have no real use for DVD+RW and DVD+R since I don't watch TV/movies at home. So I'm looking at 3rd gen, ATAPI, and best DVD-R & DVD-RW write speed. The drives that also write CD-R/W seem interesting but the ones I've seen so far aren't worth the price difference when I already got a 16x10x40 CD burner.

Anyone help me figured this out? Thanks!
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DVD writer quest

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well i have a dvd+rw drive and it work great for backing up stuff. got it for $350 at best buy.

DVD writer quest

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Ok, can you tell me more?  Manufacturer. model, speed would help.

And if anyone you know owns DVD writer that says they're happy, please share that info too. You see, I lept before I looked when buying a CD burner 3 years ago... :/
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