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Advantage to using feurio?

Sorry for another naive question. Noticed a few people here using Feurio- along with others- EAC/CDex/etc. If you already have Nero and CDex or EAC- is there some advantage to having feurio too? Realize it's not for data-- audio only- where Nero can do both- but otherwise? Thanks for any responses- cadabra3  :eyebrow:

Advantage to using feurio?

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Originally posted by cadabra3
Advantage to using feurio? Thanks for any responses- cadabra3  :eyebrow:

Feurio was the first prog that i paid money for although the shareware version hasn't got any restrictions! I'm totally convinced by the functionality of this great prog!
Even for people who just want to read a bit more about ASPI, SCSI, Audio-CD i would higly recommend to install it and just to read in the help tutorial for some weeks :reading: (Yes, it has got a pretty huge and complete help file)

It's really rock solid, even before features like 'just link' or 'burn proof' came up, it was really hard to force a buffer underrun (even on my K6-2 350 system some time ago. The only thing that forced a buffer underrun was printing a doc) Still got an old Plextor 412C writer and never had buffer underrun problems with it except the printing issue i mentioned before.
I guess it has to do with a very clean programming. It gives you many information for special hardware, e.g. reported problems reagrding CD-text and your specified writer, etc ....

Personally i love the the track editor functions very much, every adjustments you do will be done on the fly during the burning process, the originals won't be affected or modified! (Of course it can do on the fly mp3 decoding, unfortunately it doesn't use MAD for it)
You can adjust the volume of a whole Project automatically with just one click!
(Okay, you should listen to every song again and adjust some tracks manually, still no tool on the world available which does it perfectly, right?)

Another thing is the compatibility: import  functions like creating Projects from a cuesheet or from a playlist...
So, reading a CD with EAC and writing it with Feurio! is not a problem at all.

You can really adjust every parameter of an Audio CD you could think of very easily.
Just manipulating the index (0) marks very easily. For example put an intro into index 0
(usually there is digital silence inside), so that a song would be played without that intro if you select it directly on your CD player!!!!

...i guess i have forgotten some advantages, but that's it so far.....
...maybe i will add some other things i think of later on!

HEY, i don't get any money from the programmer for promotion , i really just like that prog so much!

[edit] just some expression and spelling issues
Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security, will not have, nor do they deserve, either one! (Benjamin Franklin)

Advantage to using feurio?

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I don't know Feurio much, but I know it has at least a feature that you can only find in professional softs otherwise (SoundForge, WaveLab, Samplitude) : it can burn wav files that are not multiple of 588 samples without gaps, it just moves the track markers towards the nearest 588 samples boundary and join the wavs perfectly.

Advantage to using feurio?

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Just remembered that you can record through your soundcard input directly to mp3 using lame.dll.
Just for those who care! Could be useful to record radio shows or concerts from TV.
...Of course not the best solution regarding quality aspects, but could be handy though.
I already tried to use the modified lame.dll (with implemented alt-presets), but haven't been succesful yet! Anybody tried it and got it to work?
Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security, will not have, nor do they deserve, either one! (Benjamin Franklin)

Advantage to using feurio?

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Thanks for the education! Sounds like something I wouldn't regret having and using. It's hard to separate the hype from the real facts when you read about a product on the site that's offering it- now I can see it's very different from Nero and the other ones I mentioned. Thanks again- cadabra3

Advantage to using feurio?

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....the support for newest writers is really great, too! Usually Feurio! is one of the first writing tools that support the newest writers! You can always get an up-to-date driver update (Damn, that sounds silly, but unfortunately you can't take it for granted these days) to support the latest drives.

Good luck & enjoy reading the help files (at least i did)
Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security, will not have, nor do they deserve, either one! (Benjamin Franklin)

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