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Ripper for AC3 from DVD

Hi all,
I want to grab sound only from DVD in AC3 5.1. I used SmartRipper, but it seems that such file is corrupted on the end, because validators (and players) say there is a frame defined after the end of file.

Do you know any good AC3 ripper ?


Ripper for AC3 from DVD

Reply #1

you might give it a try :

1) rip the vob files thanks to dvddecrypter
2) load the first vob in dvd2avi, in the audio menu choose the audio track you want to demux, then choose demux
3) save a project

after 20-30 mn you'll get a valid ac3 file (and a tiny d2v file, useless for what you want to achieve)


Ripper for AC3 from DVD

Reply #2
thank you for help, but something is strange there(for me, maybe it is normal). I have there files: VTS_01_0.VOB  to  VTS_01_4.VOB. I wanted to grab AC3 only for the first one (actually I want to grab all of them, but one by one), so I deleted all others form the dvd2avi file list. Then I had to choose "Demux All Tracks", otherwise it didn't grab 3_2ch version and only 2_0ch. When I clicked "Save Project", AC3 was created, but it was not valid and I got errors. When I loaded all VOB files and did the same, AC3 file seems to be OK, but it is one big file now, so I have to split it now, but how?

thank you

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