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New Mp3 & Wav Ripper ... Wav Utility ... And More !

Hi, All !

I wrote a small program for my personal use, but I thought that it was too good to keep for myself only, and decided to release it. And as it deals with mp3, I write about it in this forum.

Here goes its features:

WAV & Mpeg Audio ripping from any files, Providing information about wav, vqf and mpeg audio files, Various WAVe manipulations (changing bit resolution, joining wavs), Various file manipulations (Change size, Truncate, Remove bytes from beginning, Split, Join), etc.

Minimal configuration: 80386 DX CPU, 1 MB RAM, MS DOS 5.0
My computer: ip200mmx, 128 MB RAM, MS WINDOWS 95 OSR 2

Usage:          l2001.exe  /XX  file1    file2    parameter  -switch1

Examples:    l2001.exe  /wi  range.wav -> Gives info about WAV, VQF & MP3 files

l2001.exe  /wr  diablo.dat -> Finds and extracts WAVs from any other files.
               All WAVe types supported (PCM,ADPCM,a-law,IMA,
               Creative, etc.) !

l2001.exe  /mr  cooldemo.exe -> Extracts MPEG AUDIO (MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG 2.5
            all layers) from any other files
            (cooldemo.exe in this example).
                                VBR files & ID3V1 tags are supported !
                                This function may be also used to remove  some
            rubbish from your mp3 files:  RIFF headers,
            ID3V2 tags. etc..

l2001.exe  /tr porn.mpg hc.mpg 2048000 -> Sets filesize of porn.mpg = 2 048 000
                                bytes (cuts off the rest) and saves the  result
            as hc.mpg.

l2001.exe  /t  5.exe 9.exe 666 -> Removes LAST 666 bytes of 5.exe (result: 9.exe)

l2001.exe  /j  f1 f2 ... fx all -> Joins files f1, f2,.. fx. Result: file "all"

l2001.exe  /c  atb.mp3 summer.mp3 4170 -> Cuts FIRST 4170 bytes of file atb.mp3
                                The result will be saved as  summer.mp3

l2001.exe  /s 039.mpg fff 512 -> Splits file 039.mpg into separate 512 kb parts
                                Parts will be named fff.* (fff.0, fff.1, ...)
                                or 039.* (if U skip "fff" & run /b 039.mpg 512)

l2001.exe  /u  fff.1  039.mpg  -> ReCreates file 039.mpg (joins its parts
                                starting with fff.1 & finishin on the last one)

l2001.exe  /mf rand1 8388608 -r -> Generate 8388608 bytes long file with RANDOM
                                content and save it under name "rand1"

l2001.exe  /mf ccc 1024  66 -> Generate 1024 bytes long file named "ccc" filled
                                with characters whose  ASCII  value corresponds
                                to the last parameter (e.g.  66  -> letter "C")
                                If you don't specify last param, default is the
            symbol with ASCII value 01.

l2001.exe  /uw p1.wav p2.wav track01.wav -> Unite  2  WAV files with  identical
                                parameters (Format,  SampleRate, Channels, Bps)

l2001.exe /cwr metallica.wav 12 -r -> Downsample from 16 to  12 bits (use ROUND
                                method - round to nearest 12 bit values)

l2001.exe /cwr acid.wav 7 -r8b -> Downsample to  7 bits (ROUND) & save in 8 bit

l2001.exe /cwr fatboy.wav -8b -> Save in  8  bit format  (use TRUNCATE method -
                                ignore the  least  significant  bits)

l2001.exe /cwr velvet.wav vv.wav 2 -8b -> Downsample to  2  bits (TRUNCATE) and
                                save as  vv.wav  in  8bit  format

l2001.exe  /wf download.wav  -> Fix corrupt (incomplete)  pcm  wav  file

The program is under lazy development.
Send your error reports, suggestions, greets, love letters, money, etc.
to  [/a]

You can download this program at  [url=][a href="" target="_blank"][a href="" target="_blank"][a href="" target="_blank"][/url][/a][/a]
  This is a quite slow site (delays before displaying the pages and starting download), but it works.

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