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[USELESS] Please, delete my account!

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In 100 years or so, we'll all be equally dead, regardless of how "right" we thought we were about anything, how long we lived, how happy/unhappy we were, etc etc...

If not our thoughts and actions matters, what then I ask?
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[USELESS] Please, delete my account!

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If not our thoughts and actions matters, what then I ask?

In the absence of any contradictory evidence, probably nothing....get used to it, you'll find it liberating. If you have any solid data to substantiate a a different point of view (not baseless superstition), please be sure and let me know.

Apologies...I've gone WAY off topic here...this thread was all about...umm...can't really etc??


[USELESS] Please, delete my account!

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Yes, my post with many bold foobar2000's doesn't look good. But if you follow the thread, you can see that the previous post was filled with bold Foobar2000, and it's from the same person, who told that my idea belong to Foobar forum, and that's after I showed, that I don't want Foobar stuff in this thread. Yes, I was angry. Yes, I was trying to show how annoying is to have Foobar2000 everywhere. But there is also a meaningful text inbetween foobars, maybe it's better if you try to read it. That is the main. Foobar was just for illustration.

Apparently your ability to read other people's posts works in a very selective way, as I've explained source of "this thread belongs to foobar2000 forum" confusion two times above, apparently you missed both.
You can call my statements biased or whatever you want, but what you are doing clearly falls under the definition of trolling.
You have been banned. And (un)fortunately (for you), moderators being online agree with me on this decision, so you can't call it "biased" anymore.

PS. Yay, post search (to check IP ban possibilities) shows more trolling on the same topic you did long before.
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