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[POINTLESS] best OPL emulation settings


A question about the AdPlug component:

I'm wondering what sample rate and adlib core settings are considered be the BEST reproduction of the original OPL sound card.

* sample rate:

Somewhere I found 49716 Hz is the original sample rate used by the hardware. Does this mean the most accurate sound reproduction is reached when choosing this value in AdPlug?

* adlib core:

In AdPlug there is a choice between 4 adlib cores, see below:

1) Harekiet's

2) Ken Silverman's

3) Jarek Burczynski's

4) Nuked OPL3

What is considered the best adlib core?

* equalizer:

In AdPlug it's possible to choose between: none and ESS FM.

Which choice gives the most accurate sound compared to the original audio hardware (Adlib/Sound blaster) ?

thanks in advance!
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