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Topic: [Troll] foobar team please rework the ASIO output component (Read 583 times) previous topic - next topic
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[Troll] foobar team please rework the ASIO output component

I'm very sure the official ASIO component sound is not correct, the wasapi output is also wrong.
with official ASIO component, music rhythm not match the beats in your brain, this makes you feel nervous, start to being suspicious of your music is actually bad, which is not true. "There are no benefits from using ASIO", this only be true on the condition that you stream data to DAC correctly.
you can compare official ASIO component to the 3rd party ASIO2 component(, MPC-BE+multichannel ASIO renderer, or even foobar+DS, clearly you will feel more musical with last 3 options.
This is why you buy a music of a movie after watching it, and listen it in foobar using ASIO but it sounds very different from the movie version.
we use ASIO mostly because we need that auto sample rate function


Re: foobar team please rework the ASIO output component

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