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Topic: By screenshot, is this a cool jukebox program, or not a cool jukebox program (Read 111158 times) previous topic - next topic
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Re: By screenshot, is this a cool jukebox program, or not a cool jukebox program

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Man is that garish. I prefer plain/clean looks like iTunes.

I admit I had to look up garish.  OK.

BTW, version is 20.10.21 now.

I've already shown enough pictures around here so instead of yet-another-pic, read about it at the store.  You won't find iTunes there.  I'm not even sure they still do iTunes.

I'm not thrilled about posting a link like that here, but I've posted enough pictures for a while.  There are 10 pictures in there, and a lot to read if you like to know more.  There's even an overly-compressed video (click on the kid), but not too bad in getting the idea.

We'll I'll be, iTunes is there

That's almost funny.  That it's there.  As for "garish".  Hm.  I think I see an example of garish now.

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