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Title: Hey homeboy Keynes!
Post by: David Nordin on 2001-10-01 10:31:58
hey homie!
Convince me to use MPC...
Shoot me with a few arguments, and I'll see if I'd like to try it:D
Title: Hey homeboy Keynes!
Post by: Jan S. on 2001-10-01 16:01:54
You maybe wanna read this thread: (
Title: Hey homeboy Keynes!
Post by: JohnMK on 2001-10-02 08:29:06
Quite honestly I use it not because I hear a difference, but because it's perfect. For the same reason that I bought $400 headphones, $700 headphone amp, $130 interconnects, $160 24-bit 96kHz soundcard, etc. I want PERFECTION. And in theory, MPC is far, far better than mp3. Granted, I don't have the best ears in the world, in fact I'm sure I'm in the lower rung in my age group, but that won't stop me from pursuing perfection whenever I can afford it and acquire it easily. I've got two fast CD-RW/ROM rippers that give me perfect secure rips, and the current MPC encoder is fast, it just seems like a no brainer to me. And if it ever becomes obselete which it may, I don't mind reencoding from those rips as transcoding from MPC -> mp3 has produced for me completely adequate quality. Of course I'd rerip all my favorite albums but for the hard to find material I'd be more than happy to just transcode. The Hydrogen Tools should make this latter possibility MUCH more easily dealt with. I hope, however, that MPC becomes an accepted format.

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