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VFD / LCD plugin?

I'm going to buy an Ahanix pc case(LINK), and probably the optional VFD(LINK). 

Are any vfd's or lcd's supported with a foobar 2000 plugin?  I will buy another brand lcd and figure out a way to attach it if need be. 

I want to have something like "Title, Artist, Album, Date, Track number, length"  arranged in some order on the LCD.  Having a graphical visualization would also be awesome. 

The default ahanix 2x16 character display would require scrolling to fit artist - song title, etc.

What lcds/plugins should I be looking at?


VFD / LCD plugin?

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VFD / LCD plugin?

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VFD / LCD plugin?

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foo_text will output data of your choice to a text file.

Then you can probably use it with whatever program that supports this kind of lcds.

Also try searching the forums, the question has been brought up before.

VFD / LCD plugin?

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jalcds doesn't work, nor does LCDinfo(the latter brings up garbled characters)  smartie 5.2 works... but i need a way for foobar to act like winamp when its playing a song. 

"skip screen if winamp is inactive" is an option that I would like to use:  how can I have foobar act like winamp is active when i'm playing a song, but if playback is stopped it acts like winamp is inactive?

All I need is a plugin that does this... i can use foo_text to do the rest.  any ideas?