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Temp files being left behind

Many thanks Peter for such a great player!  Winamp2 will be gone from this machine once I can get rid of the last few .wma's kicking around.

Didn't want my first post to be about a bug, oh well...

When updating tags in ogg files, temporary files are left behind in the %tmp% directory.  Today I deleted 2 GB of them (I've been applying replay-gain tags to my collection over the past few days).

Just confirmed it's still the case in v0.39.

btw, nice to see the id3v1 tag writing in 0.39 - will mean I can apply replay-gain tags to my colleagues' collections at work without disturbing them too much (they're still using Winamp2, poor dears...).  Before this, I was considering asking for an option to store replay-gain info only in the database for *all* files, not just those that can't store tags of any kind.

Thanks again.

Temp files being left behind

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fixed in 0.39a, thanks for info.
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Temp files being left behind

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Working fine now.  Thanks.