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does anyone know of a catalogue program that will use whatever program i have associated with mp3 or mpc files via explorer and windows associations?

if not, i suggest someone write an app that will use foobar as a sort of backend, a program that will run foobar from command line, something that catalogues and sorts and edits tags for all the files foobar can play.

i think itd be a great idea.

anyhow, if anyone is interested, there's a program called MPEG Audio collection that can read ape tags and get info about MPC files and ogg files and mp3 files etc.

its pretty old so it would have to be brought up to date, but there is source files.

it is written in borland delphi 6, and there is a source library on the page that contains delphi code for use with multiple audio formats.

the page for all of thsi wonder is here: (it's in english)

hopefully someone will pick this up and run with it!

(i would but i don't know delphi)


I have emailed the author about supporting foobar2000 as a player in his new version. (didnt realize it was still under development)

We will see what develops.


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The author has put new beta version of upcoming version 3, it's worth testing ...




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Can you give me link to beta version, on I found only alpha7 version
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